Digital Building Logbooks Pilots5 pilots

5 pilots

Demo-BLog brings together five existing building logbooks in Europe with a total of 4.5 million registered units and a wide variety of target groups spanning from homeowners, municipalities, to building professionals and architects.

Cirdax, Woningpas, Capsa, Cléa and Chimni are the 5 digital building logbook pilots that will be demonstrated in Demo-BLog

CIRDAX is a digital materials database which stores all kinds of information on
building components and materials. The data is provided via an inventory of components and materials, partly obtained by 3D-scanning and manual additional services.

CIRDAX is one of the two most used systems for Building Material Management in the Netherlands. It is used by government organisations (as part of European Programmes, like Digital Deconstruction) to explore the Circular Building agenda and private (real-estate) organisations as a business support module for maintenance and renovation.

Woningpas is a platform by the Flemish Government that includes data and status of the dwelling, plot and surroundings: energy (label, renovation roadmap and real energy use), insulation, installations, solar potential, soil, sewage system, water supply, flood sensitivity, building permits, mobility, dwelling quality.

Data are linked with external data platforms through APIs and it has a digital safe for attestations, plans, relevant documents with the possibility to update renovation works and a check-tool on dwelling quality. It can be shared (user interface) with third persons and the wider public. It targets residential building-units (single-family house or unit in multi-family building).

CAPSA is a digital building passport data platform, a database in which all relevant data is held by the building owner in a digital processable format. The app functionalities focus on enabling a non-expert to conduct robust data collection by focusing on primary data without assumptions on site.

The functionalities allow the calculation of energy performance, surface area, asset management support and the (semi-) automated calculation of decarbonization roadmaps.

The CLEA DBL is deployed across 50,000 dwellings: 45,000 (B2B) over entire privately-owned multifamily buildings; 5,000 (B2C) on individual dwellings/single-family houses contains core functionalities & features.

CLEA offers general dwelling information, a documents module, an equipment module, news, and an energy monitoring module.

Chimni is a homeowner facing digital property logbook for residential property in the UK. It enables a homeowner to keep structured data, document records of property transactions, building work, certification and maintenance. Chimni logbooks connect to permanent data sources like the Land Registry, Local Authorities, and certification bodies as well as offering the potential to set up temporary connections to estate agents, conveyancers and other property professionals. Energy Saving Trust will work with Chimni, Trust Mark and Solstice Associates to develop a building logbook which draws data from relevant sources and provides consumers with easily accessible advice on how they can improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

5 front-running DBLs demonstrating the 4 core
functionalities of Demo-BLog