Digital Building Logbooks PilotsMulti-cycle circularity approaches

Multi-cycle circularity approaches and fostering the marketplace for construction materials reuse

The scope of this functionality will go beyond the operational energy performance and use phase carbon emission mitigation to consider whole lifecycle environmental impacts. The functionality will create building material and component inventories to conduct whole life carbon assessments and indicate the potential future reuse of building materials and components. Transparency in the data of components and materials used in buildings will be used to calculate the financial and environmental impact of buildings at the material and component level, and this information can be leveraged in the marketplaces for reused/recycled components.

This functionality should create new opportunities for circularity and make it viable. It will enable building professionals (e.g. designers and architects) to better assess building sustainability performance and choose accordingly. It could also help identify which building components pose a threat to health, safety and environment and incentivise their replacement.

CIRDAX is the database that will demonstrate this functionality.