AboutThe project

About the project

Digital Building Logbooks (DBLs)

Demo-BLog is a four-year Horizon Europe funded project aimed at bringing together and further developing Digital Buildings Logbooks (DBLs) in Europe. DBLs are common digital data repositories capturing, integrating and storing building data from across the construction market value chain.

Transparent and accessible data

Transparency and access to information are critical to upscale building renovation at the scale and pace needed to achieve a climate neutral building stock. The extremely limited availability of information, combined with a lack of a common repository of data directly leads to additional costs and inefficiencies in designing, constructing, operating and financing buildings.  

Demo-BLog will gather together all related data from building renovation passports, smart readiness indicators, Level(s) and EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates), and other sources, to drive net-zero carbon building design, construction, management and renovation.

Stakeholders in the building sector

Building logbooks are critical to engage and support multiple stakeholders in their decision-making towards improving the sustainability performance of a building. Logbooks are designed to bring a wide range of benefits to local governments, construction sector stakeholders, financial institutions, homeowners and tenants.