Unlocking the potential of digital building logbooks

Demo-BLog is a 4-year project funded by Horizon Europe focused on unlocking the potential of digital building logbooks to achieve climate neutrality in Europe’s building stock.

What is Demo-BLog about?

What are Digital Building Logbooks?

Digital Building Logbooks are common digital data repositories capturing, integrating and storing building data from across the construction market value chain. This all-in-one information tool is meant to encourage data transparency and availability and simplify decision-making for stakeholders across the buildings value chain. 

Four main functionalities of Demo-BLog

Latest news

EFL Spring Conference & EERA JPSC Summer Event
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Demo-BLog participates in DiCE Lab
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DBLs at the 4th Building Digital Twin International Congress
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A collection of useful resources for stakeholders, including reports, research papers, and other relevant publications.

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