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Sister projects

BUILDCHAIN, BUILDing knowledge book in the blockCHAIN distributed ledger, is an Horizon Europe funded project aiming at building a knowledge base to trace all activities related to the overall life-cycle of buildings. It targets to exploit the potential of Digital Building Logbooks (DBLs) for a smarter and more sustainable built environment in the European Union.

openDBL is an one-step Digital Building Logbook solution that is funded by Horizon Europe. The challenge of the project is to allow, through the development of openAPI, the disposal of openDBL in a unique standardized platform and create useful content to simplify the workload of the AECO industry.

CHRONICLE is an EU-funded project that aims to improve building performance in order to increase energy efficiency, comfort and well-being. The project aims to deliver a holistic framework for assessing the life-cycle performance for different building variants. It supports the sustainable design of new and existing construction projects by focusing on efficient renovation procedures and investment decision-making processes