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Co-creation workshop for architects

On 5 October, the Demo-BLog partners VITO and RUM organised a co-creation workshop on the reuse of building materials and components at the Flemish Research Foundation, FWO (Hoek 38), in Brussels. The workshop brought together 16 participants from different backgrounds, including architects, students of architecture, researchers and policymakers.

The workshop started with a co-creation session, in which participants were invited to make a collage with pictures and words to creatively answer to the question “What does ‘reuse of materials’ mean to you?”. The aim was to encourage participants to express how they practically feel and experience the reuse of materials, whilst showing the complexity of the topic and the role of digitalisation towards a more transparet and accessible practice. The collages set the ground for discussing practical experiences, needs, and future directions for circular use of materials in construction.

The second part of the workshop consisted of an informative session about Demo-BLog and two logbooks that are being further developed within the project: Woningpas and CIRDAX.

The Demo-BLog partners learnt first-hand from participants’ experiences, and gave them materials and ideas to support the development of the tools. 

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