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Meet the team - TU Delft

TU Delft, also known as the Technical University of Delft, are coordinating the Demo-BLog project. They are responsible for overseeing the project’s overall direction, ensuring seamless collaboration among team members, and facilitating effective communication with stakeholders. At the helm of this research endeavor is Henk Visscher, serving as the Project Coordinator, and backed by a diverse and skilled team.

Research focus in the project

  • TU Delft main research contributions regard demonstration and evaluation of the enhanced Digital Building Logbooks (DBLs) within Demo-BLog. In particular, TU Delft leads the works for encompassing, demonstrating and evaluating the performance and benefits of identified functionalities for stakeholders, showcasing a modular and layered structure of DBLs, and addressing standards for optimal cost and energy-saving benefits in energy retrofits. The detailed tasks to do so, include identifying key stakeholders and best practices and the evaluation and validation of  key functionalities like user-centric renovation advice, decarbonisation strategies, community-driven decarbonisation projects, and circularity in building materials.

  • Assessing end-user experiences and behaviors, examining data accuracy, usability, and the impact of DBLs on the customer journey and policy implementation.

  • As part of the project’s developments to advance DBLs’ functionalities and user-experience, TU Delft investigates with DBLs how to boost energy retrofit rates by studying user behavior. The goal is to understand user motivations for adopting energy-efficient solutions and inform the design of a clickable prototype.

  • Ensuring social inclusivity in DBL services by analysing data on social inclusion across EU countries. This information guides the creation of a DBL social inclusion playbook, offering guidelines and key performance indicators for implementing an inclusive design process and delivering accessible services.

The team

Eva Kassotaki – Project Coordinator

I am thrilled to serve as the non-content Project Coordinator for Demo-BLog, expectantly ensuring the smooth execution and successful completion of the project. While I am not directly involved in creating content in my role, I find inspiration from being part of such an expert and dedicated team.

Henk Visscher – Scientific Coordinator

As a professor of Housing Quality and Process Innovation and director of the TU Delft Urban Energy Institute I am very lucky to be involved in this project. I consider the digital building logbooks crucial for the acceleration of the decarbonisation of the existing housing stock.

Sultan Çetin  – Postdoc Researcher

I have researched digitalisation for a circular built environment as a PhD candidate, and the Demo-BLog project will be an excellent opportunity for me to discover other areas of sustainability, data and digitalisation as a postdoc. I am very excited to dive into the challenges that our partners face and come up with research-based digital solutions.

Sun Ah Hwang – PhD Researcher

I am excited to begin my academic career in Demo-BLog as a starting researcher! With the team, I will be focusing primarily on the evaluations of the demonstrated functionalities, hopefully assisting how the operations in practice can be supported by scientific research.

Alize Hall –  Project Manager

I’m delighted to work with this team of incredible people as the project manager. I help with managing the academic research in achieving our goal with the digital logbooks, these will help lead the way to a more sustainable built environment.

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