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Pilots zoom in - The Woningpas building logbook

Woningpas is one of the five a digital building logbooks (DBLs) demonstrated in Demo-BLog. This DBL belongs to the Flemish government and it is currently available to any homeowner living in Flanders. The platform includes data and status of the dwelling, plot and surroundings. Owners can access information related to energy (label, renovation roadmap and real energy use), insulation, installations, solar potential, soil, sewage system, water supply, flood sensitivity, building permits, mobility, dwelling quality.

Woningpas joined the Demo-BLog project with the aim of developing and testing their potential of becoming a community-oriented platform. A new functionality is being integrated in this DBL to inform home owners about neighborhood initiatives and offer them the possibility to participate in collective projects on energy efficiency in the neighbourhood (e. g. collective installation of a heating pump). This collective approach could help people living in the same area or neighbourhood share information and learn from each other in their steps towards the decarbonisation of their buildings. 

One year in Demo-BLog

During the first year of the project, Woningpas has been working together with Leap Forward, who are also partners in the project, to create a prototype of the new platform. Leap Forward has been guiding and steering the design of this new development, by organising multiple co-creation workshops and user testing.

Early in 2024, they started mapping similar initiatives in cities across Flanders to analyse their options in different areas of the country. This new development for community driven decarbonisation should be rolled out by the end of the year (autumn 2024) in multiple pilot cities. 

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